Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Famous and Sensational Sistine Chapel
Posted by extraordinarytravel, 09/12/2017 5:11 am

The art of extraordinary travel explores the vast travels of the world, including some of the most iconic spots. The art of extraordinary travel has found a lot to love about the ever-famous Sistine Chapel. But, for visitors not prepared, it can be an arduous visit. Below are three tips to getting the most out of the famous Vatican church.

Buy Tickets Ahead of Time

Truthfully, visitors almost have to buy tickets ahead of time. It is not required. But, the lines are almost absurdly long. It is possible to wait half a day just in line, which brings about its own problems. Bottled water can be upwards of two euro or more. The heat is oppressive, as there is no shade to protect individuals waiting in line. Sales team members will try to sell ticket packages and special group deals to skip the line. It is not as if these are scams, necessarily, but they are expensive and the team members are quite persistent.

The Sistine Chapel is An All Day Affair- Expect It

Regardless of whether one buys tickets ahead of time or on location, the Sistine Chapel will take all day. Why not indulge in this expectation? Visitors may want to get through the church a little quickly because the Sistine Chapel is at the very end of the corridor tour through the grounds. But, the crowds are so thick and tightly packed that this could be a near-impossibility. Be patient with the crowds because everyone is hot and frustrated with the crowds. Know going in that it will take almost the whole day to really take it all in. Also, be prepared with water and some extra money for beverages or food. There is a café inside which has decent food.

Soak in the Chapel

Lastly, visitors may be tired and stressed by the time they get to the actual Sistine Chapel. This could easily take well over an hour, even skipping the line. Soak it in because no pictures are allowed. It is extremely strict, and guards will not hesitate to remove visitors who take a picture in their near vicinity. Take time to appreciate the nuances of the chapel and stand in the center of the room to avoid fringe crowds and visitors walking through.

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